Black Iberian Pig

Introduction to Iberian Ham

Jamón Ibérico is the ultimate cured ham, with a decadently rich nutty flavor that evokes the countryside of Spain. Ibérico ham comes from an ancient breed of pig found only on the Iberian Peninsula and are known as Cerdo Ibérico, or "Pata Negra. This exceptional ham is cured for up to four years, resulting in an intense flavor with an unparalleled note of sweetness. We offer both the typical Jamón Ibérico, plus Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, a free-range, acorn-fed version of the ham recognized as the finest ham in the world!?

Black Iberian Pig

The production of Iberian pig is deeply rooted to the Mediterranean ecosystem. It is a rare example in the world swine production where the pig contributes so decisively to the preservation of the ecosytem.

The Iberian breed is currently one of the few examples of a domesticated breed which has adapted to a pastoral setting where the land is particularly rich in natural resources, in this case acorns from the holm oaks, gall oak and cork oak.

In traditional management, animals ranged freely in sparse oak forest “dehesa”, they are constantly moving around and therefore burn more calories than confined pigs. This, in turn, produces the fine bones typical of this kind of jamón ibérico.

At least a hectare of healthy parkland “dehesa” is needed to raise a single pig, and since the trees may be several hundred years old, the prospects for reforesting lost oak forest (dehesa) are slim at best.

But there's more. Spanish ham is also high in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins B1 and B2 and that’s just the ham.

The fat contains Oleic acid, the same acid found in olive oil. This helps produce good cholesterol known as HDL while reducing bad cholesterol, LDL.