Our project
Our history

It was in Salamanca, Spain, where the countryside is in fact open woodlands, scattered with Holm oaks and acorns, and where the indigenous pig is eager to grow. It is the place where the Blázquez’s Family, in 1932,founded the cured ham company, which was based on the knowledge of the craftsmen of that time.

Since then, Jamones Blázquez; is still committed to produce excellent jamones (cured hams), paletas (pig shoulders) and embutidos ibéricos (Iberian cold cuts) based on natural processes. 80 years of experience are a good way to create some history, to build a real identity and produce exclusive cured hams which provide an extreme pleasure.

Our project

It's a challenge the implementation and development of our business in Thailand.
We are a pioneer in the importation of products Gourmet and look at other countries as full satisfaction of our customers to enjoy our wide range of products in the company's broad culinary field.