RICO RICO Premium Food
Market leading importers and distributors of fine foods specially

RICO RICO Premium Food is one of the market leading importers and distributors of fine foods specially for HORECA in Thailand. Founded by our Director, Doroteo Vélez in 2013, our company specialized in the imports, storage and distribution of the finest Spanish pork hams and cold cuts in Thailand.

Today, we have one of the most complete catalogues of fine foods and organic wines in Southeast Asia… from the renowned and exclusive Rico-Rico Iberian “bellota” and “cebo” hams &Salamanca cold cuts to our new ranges of duck pates & mousses of foie-grasproducts, premium olive oils, quince paste & pate of olives, organic wines and Cavas…

We do not focus just in “brands” and “business” but in products of the finest quality and from artisan producers that has been able to maintain the original traditional like no others.

RICO RICO PremiumFood is leader in the distribution of fine foods for HORECA in BangkoK. And beyong Bangkok, we have expanded our operations into Phuket, Samui and Pattaya in Thailand and Phnom Penh, Yangon and Singapore in Southeast Asia.

Please come in and enjoy of our exclusive ranges of Spanish hams & cold cuts, fine foods and wines &Cavas. z

Doroteo Velez

Since my first trip in Thailand, many years ago, I have always missed the authentic Spanish food. Nowadays, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers demand genuine Spanish products to innovate in their food creations.

Spain has been and remains "a millenary natural food reserve”... Galicia, Navarra, Castilla, Salamanca, La Rioja... are only names of some of our regionswidely recognized forsavory meats, seafood, vegetables, amazing cheeses, unique hams,excellent and fruity wines...which are part of our Spanish cuisine and food culture.

RicoRico Premium Food is my personal project, a team of Spanish and Thaifood lovers committed to bring the best of Spain to our valuable followers.

So, our main objective is to offer only products of the finest quality, specially selected for their characteristics that are not found easily in Thailand. We are devote to procuring exceptional Spanish products, maintaining their integrity from the producer to our clients’ door.

In RicoRico we are all directly involved in continuous research and rigorous selection of artisanal products made under our inherited culinary traditions.

Spain, a colorful palette of flavors!